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Build a verification flow that meets your unique requirements

We get it. There is no one-size-fits all identity solution. That’s why we put the power in your hands with smart workflows.

Why you should be using workflows

  • Increase speed 
to market

    Create complex onboarding workflows in minutes with no code instead of hours in your backend.

  • Future proof 
your solution

    Easily adjust & update your onboarding workflow by adding additional steps to fit new compliance needs.

  • Automate decision making

    By creating acceptance thresholds and logic, you can avoid manual reviews of your onoarding users.

Customize your user experience with no code

Adjust the look and feel of your verification flow to make it look like your own without writing code

  • Change Button Color

    Modify the color of the 'Verify me' button by selecting from the default ones or directly inputting your hex code.

  • Customize Accent Color

    Easily adjust the accent color to match your product's identity by using the color picker tool.

  • Adjust Font Family

    Add further flexibilty to the appearance of the identification flow by adjusting the font family.

  • Add Additional Document Checks

    Request proof of address or any required additional documents depending on your KYC needs.

  • Include AML Compliance

    Do you operate in regulated markets and industries? Easily add our AML Compliance feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are you launching it?

    We expect this feature to be ready in Q3. So far we're working closely with customers from different sectors to make sure that it covers as many use cases and sectors as possible. If you'd like to share your input or got a complex use case, we'd love to hear from you on

  • What types of documents do you support?

    Our database features more than 6,000 official government documents from 190+ countries including passports, drivers’ licenses, national IDs and visas and residence permits. We've also helped clients integrate additional and bespoke document checks such as proof of accommodation, health insurance cards and others.

  • How much does Passbase cost?

    This depends on your pricing plan and your monthly verification volume. In general, our pricing plans operate on a pay as you go basis to scale with you as you grow. Identity and document verification are included in all plans. Additional document checks (such as health insurance cards, proof of address checks and others) start at $0.5/document check and can be added straight from your dashboard.

Looking for a custom workflow?

Our team will be happy to help you out

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Passbase is an identity verification solution that makes facial recognition, liveness detection, ID verification and KYC and AML compliance accessible through a suite of flexible developer tools. A zero-knowledge architecture ensures that companies using Passbase can securely verify users from over 190 countries without having to store their data. Built for developers, it can be integrated with just a few lines of code on iOS, Android, and Web.