Eliminate fraud with liveness detection

Raise the assurance level of user onboarding and prevent spoofing attacks by making sure they are physically present during each completed verification

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  • Replay Attack Defence

    Our liveness detection technology prevents sophisticated spoofing attempts by identifying and sorting recaptured versions of a person from a live and genuine session.

  • Cross Platform 

    Access all features via mobile SDKs and a powerful API while webhooks make sure to transfer information between your backend and our system in real time.

  • iBeta/NIST Level 1 & 2 PAD Compliant

    We follow the strictest guidelines set by the US based National Institute of Standards and Technology to guarantee the accuracy and integrity of each verification.

Components powering every liveness check

Our liveness detection technology prevents sophisticated spoofing attempts by identifying and sorting recaptured versions of a person from a live and genuine session.

Active Detection

During the selfie stage of the verification flow, we capture two face images at different distances and check for changes and natural motion. This ensures that biometric identifiers are from the original user and not from someone else.

Passive Monitoring

Passive detection helps maintain the integrity of the verifications in cases where an active liveness challenge can’t be completed. With just one image instead of two we are able to detect the live presence of a user even in low bandwidth or lighting situations.

“Partnering with Passbase helps us provide a fully digital and frictionless onboarding experience. Their interface is easy to navigate for our users and their platform helps our team reach decisions very quickly and intuitively.”

Magdalena Wierzbicka, Head of Partner Growth at Appjobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is liveness detection and how do you establish it?

    Liveness detection is a method used to detect an identity spoofing attempt by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being and not a fake representation. This is accomplished via software that has the ability to distinguish between the features of live skin and copies of those features from a still image or video recording. We use the provided information to generate a liveness factor which then determines whether or not a user is real.

  • Does it cost extra?

    Liveness detection is a feature of identity verification that is included in all of our plans. Book a demo with our sales team to learn about our pricing packages and how we can scale with you – whether you're just starting up or already a large and growing enterprise.

  • How does the complete verification process look like?

    A user will be asked to go through a quick selfie video and scan both the front and back of their document. In the background we evaluate the individual’s liveness, compare the video to the document and analyze the ID document for authenticity, security features and any evidence of tampering.

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Passbase is an identity verification solution that makes facial recognition, liveness detection, ID verification and KYC and AML compliance accessible through a suite of flexible developer tools. A zero-knowledge architecture ensures that companies using Passbase can securely verify users from over 190 countries without having to store their data. Built for developers, it can be integrated with just a few lines of code on iOS, Android, and Web.