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Flexible identity verification tools for a secure and intuitive onboarding experience on Web, iOS and Android

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  • 190 countries and over 6,000 IDs

    Passbase helps you provide a seamless user verification experience with global document support in 14 languages and counting.

  • Re-authentication for faster onboarding

    Returning customers get authenticated within seconds by taking a quick selfie which is compared to their previously stored one. No password required!

  • Cross platform support

    iOS and Android SDKs, an API, and a set of webhooks to allow real time data transfer between our application and your backend.

A simple verification flow to delight your users

We believe in world class user experience. Take a look at what your users will see when verifying their identity.

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Step 1

Selfie Recording

In the first step, users are asked to upload a selfie. After this is done, our identity verification engine begins its work behind the scenes.

Here you can customise your flow to include fewer or more verification steps to suit your compliance requirements.

  • Liveness Detection
  • 3D Face Authentication
  • Measures 3D Depth, skin texture, eye reflections
  • Real-time Computer Vision
Step 2

Identity Document Check

Next up users are asked to upload a government-issued photo ID. We support over 6,000 official documents from over 190 countries to suit the needs of users from all corners of the world.

  • 6,000+ documents supported
  • Passports, National IDs, Drivers' Licenses
  • Additional documents
  • ID Authenticity check
Step 3

Completing Authentication

In the final step we check both inputs for authenticity and make sure that the provided selfie and the document are genuine and compatible. The whole process takes less than 90 seconds after which your users can start using your product.

  • Transparency of transfered data points
  • GDPR compliant process
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • All results available via API

You’re in good company

Whether you’re looking for an identity verification solution for financial services or a marketplace, rest assured that you’re surrounded by innovators from all sectors

  • "The integration of Passbase went super smoothly. The Passbase team always took the time to figure out solutions to problems we faced."

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    Hoang Vo

    Tech lead, GigZoo

  • "Passbase helped us speed up onboarding and scale effortlessly in times of increased maintain and live up to [user] trust. "

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    Katharina Jünger

    Co-Founder and CEO, Teleclinic

Customize the verification flow to your needs

Adjust the look and feel of your verification flow to make it your own without writing code

  • Change Button Color

    Modify the color of the 'Verify me' button by selecting from the default ones or directly inputting your hex code.

  • Customize Accent Color

    Easily adjust the accent color to match your product's identity by using the color picker tool.

  • Adjust Font Family

    Add further flexibilty to the appearance of the
    identification flow by adjusting the font family.

  • Add Additional Document Checks

    Request proof of address or any required additional documents depending on your KYC needs.

  • Include AML Compliance

    Do you operate in regulated markets and industries? Easily add our AML Compliance feature.

Enhanced ID checks to secure your product

Discover the other products complimenting identity verification that make Passbase the best in class

  • Liveness Detection

    Liveness detection makes sure that the video selfie was taken by a live person and is not a video, mask, or other attempted spoof.

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  • ID Authenticity Checks

    To ascertain a user’s identity we check the provided documents against a database of thousands of government IDs from 190+ countries.

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  • Age Verification

    Our engine extracts the date of birth information from the provided documents and completes the age and identity verification proceedure for age restricted companies.

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  • Biometric Authentication

    Authenticate returning users faster with only a selfie that matches the new input to the stored 3D facemap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my users have to download an app?

    No, once you get started with Passbase, your users will be able to complete their identity verification process straight from your product or via your verification link. We built Passbase so that you can integrate it with just a few lines of code on web via our API and mobile with our iOS and Android SDKs. Moreover, webhooks allow instant data transfer between our system and yours within milliseconds.

    Verification link

    This is a no code or hard implementation solution that allows you to verify users outside of your application. Once you sign up to Passbase, you will be able to set a personal link in the style of[company]. Not only that, you will also be able to customise the appearance of the subsequent steps to fit your product’s look and feel.

    • No code set up
    • Customizable appearance
    • Link on[company]
    API & SDKs

    Our simple and robust documentation was written for tech teams to help them implement identity verification as easily as possible. We offer integrations for web (Javascript), iOS (Swift) and Android (Java & Kotlin). Whenever there is a new activity associated with your integration, you will get instantly notified via webhooks that sync our system with your backend.

    • Web, iOS and Android
    • Bi-weekly SDK updates
    • On-demand API
    • Webhooks
  • Do you offer watchlists?

    Yes! Our Anti Money Laundering compliance program covers 513 global watchlists and 111 fitness & probity lists all with real-time updates via our API. Moreover, our global and syndicated database of over 10,000 sources also helps you screen for Politically Exposed Persons and Adverse Information and Media. We monitor and vet the identified data for accuracy on traditional and new media.

  • How much does Passbase cost?

    We offer flexible pricing plans that operate on a pay as you go basis and fit companies of all sizes - from startups to enterprise. Book a demo with our sales team to learn about our different pricing options.

  • Which countries do you cover?

    We cover documents from over 190 countries. To date, our database features more than 6,000 documents including passports, drivers’ licenses, and national IDs. Passbase is also available in 14 languages and counting so that your users can have a localised experience during the verification process. See our list of accepted documents for details.

  • How do you establish liveness during a verification?

    Our system uses selfie videos to recognize basic facial movements and ensure that a real person, and not a printed image or pre-recorded video, is accessing your platform. Based on that we calculate a liveness score as a percentage and average it into a user's total score.

  • What industries do you work with?

    Passbase's identity verification has wide applications. We power digital-native companies in FinTech, cypto, DeFi, gaming and eSports, and NFTs for content creators in various industries, mobility, marketplaces, and the gig economy. We also work with companies in traditional industries such as real estate, investments and insurance.

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Passbase is an identity verification solution that makes facial recognition, liveness detection, ID verification and KYC and AML compliance accessible through a suite of flexible developer tools. A zero-knowledge architecture ensures that companies using Passbase can securely verify users from over 190 countries without having to store their data. Built for developers, it can be integrated with just a few lines of code on iOS, Android, and Web.