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Our Vision.

Over the past ten years, there has been a massive erosion of personal privacy and data security. More than 6.2 billion consumer data points have been stolen in the United States and many of those data points represent details related to your identity. Usernames, passwords and social security numbers, to name a few. This is simply unacceptable and we believe it’s time to give you back control over what is rightfully yours. Your identity information.

Our goal is to empower the world with a digital identity system that puts individual privacy and data security first. This means giving individuals the power to decide with whom they share their personal information, and in turn, allow businesses to be certain about the identity of the people utilizing their services without collecting massive amounts of information about them. Our identity system allows for a more secure, private, and convenient digital world.

This is why our team works tirelessly to build a world-class identity proofing solution that puts the individual back in control. From here, we will reimagine the future of identity, privacy, and security online through the combination of cutting-edge technologies driven by a world-class team, hungry for change.

Our beliefs Five things we
believe to be true.

1 Identity is a huge problem.

We believe that most sensitive identity information online is collected, stored, and lost because businesses need to verify the identity of people using their services. They do this in order to build trust with and between their users. This has caused a boom in the number of data breaches containing personal data and in turn an erosion of personal security and privacy.

2 Privacy is the future.

We believe privacy and data ownership are important now, and will become increasingly more important, as more sensitive aspects of our lives shift online. This trend has accelerated with this mass adoption of mobile computing, the advent of IoT, and the digitization of the old economy.

3 Technology can solve it.

We believe the technologies required to solve identity online while maintaining user privacy, now exist and can be combined into a valuable solution for businesses, consumers, and governments. We have the team, tools, and determination to combine these technologies into a solution that ensures data security and privacy for both business and consumers.

4 Big tech won’t win.

We believe the technology giants are NOT in a position to solve this problem. Many of their businesses are premised on collecting & monetizing personal data or mass distributing hardware. These ulterior motives make them poor candidates to solve identity and we believe it will take a new kind of company to pioneer this redistribution of power and data ownership.

5 This is a rebellion.

We believe the world unconsciously sacrificed individual liberties and took on massive risk for the sake of convenient and personalized services. We are the team that will spark and lead a rebellion to resolve this. By building a foundation upon which others can build secure and convenient services, we will silently return the power and control back to people and unlock opportunities for new types of businesses that could never have existed before.

We are problem solvers

on a mission to solve identity

Our Values Our values and how
we uphold them

These are the fundamental principles by
which we live, work, and grow as a team.

1 Personal Ownership

What this means to us

We are all leaders and are empowered to make decisions. When things don’t go the way we planned, we own it, understand it, and keep moving forward, stronger as one team.


Each one of us is a leader and we treat our peers accordingly. Every goal has one owner - surrounded by a supportive community. Failure is expensive, which is why we must not let it go to waste.


We assign problems to solve, not tasks to complete and report progress with OKRs. We are responsible for helping our peers succeed in meeting their goals. We hold solutions oriented retrospectives when things go wrong.

2 Persistent Learning

What this means to us

We are more interested in learning than being right and believe no idea is too sacred to be questioned. We deeply value giving and receiving feedback, no matter rank or title. We leave it all on the dance floor.


Knowledge is shared openly up and down the organization. Assumptions are questioned with curiosity, not contempt. Communications are succinct, candid, and kind.


We build habits around sharing information. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We hold monthly retrospective 1:1s. and celebrate dissent. We hold weekly all hands and aim to give the quiet ones a voice.

3 Product Excellence

What this means to us

We craft experiences people remember and love. We aim to create products that integrate into daily life, changing it for the better. We are building something very powerful and with great power, comes great responsibility.


The simplest solution is almost always the best solution. The security of our people’s data is sacred. Our customers own the problem, we own the solution.


We apply Occam's Razor in all disciplines. The fewer steps, clicks, and words the better. We partner with the best security minds in the world to ensure we are responsible guardians of our people’s data. We listen carefully to customers/users to understand what they actually need.

4 Power of Community

What this means to us

We make it a point to build an organization that is a reflection of the world, and not ourselves. We celebrate our differences and promise to always invest in each other’s long term success and happiness.


A diversity of minds are required to build anything truly great. Grit wins over merit or circumstance, every time. Innovation is a team sport.


We work to recruit people from all walks of life to our company and leadership team. We take no shortcuts in our hiring process and work to find the ‘best’ people. We take responsibility for the holistic well-being of our peers and invest in building a community, not just another tech company.

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