We are welcoming Georg Vooglaid to Passbase

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We are extremely happy to announce that Georg Vooglaid is joining the Passbase community to help our business development efforts in New York City.

Georg has spent time in the past working on product & business development at other successful technology startups like Monese and Transferwise. We first met Georg through our investor Seedcamp, where he was working as an analyst. He had help the Seedcamp investment team due to diligence Passbase so he really did his homework before joining. On our team, he’ll combine knowledge from all his roles and act as a link between the sales and product teams, focusing heavily on translating our customers’ feedback into feature prioritization.

*“The first time I met Georg, I was so impressed by the entrepreneurial drive, even though his young age. He is incredibly smart, talented and has this ability to learn anything. We are incredibly lucky to have him on board.” - Mathias *


On joining Passbase, Georg writes:

Establishing trust online is complicated and expensive, but it really shouldn’t be. Both from a philosophical and a security perspective, I believe that a modern society should enable individuals to hold the keys to their digital identity. Figuring out how to not just drive efficiency and safety in the verification process, but to also empower people to take control over their online relationships is such an interesting challenge and the reason why I couldn’t be more excited to be working with the Passbase team.

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