Passbase has upgraded its liveness detection

Passbase has introduced a new video liveness detection to improve user onboarding experience and reduce fraud prevention

At Passbase, we are constantly thinking about how to optimize existing features and give more value to our clients. Passbase’s upgraded liveness detection feature is available for all Passbase clients to provide a more seamless identity verification experience for end users.

Boosting security for biometric identity verification

Mobile phone with a man's face in of a circle on the screen until the whole circle turns green to verify his identity and perform liveness detection. Green instruction button saying "Great! Let's start!" Unlike identity verifications that rely on selfie photos, Passbase’s video selfies help you perform identity verification through face matching that double as liveness detection tests.

Passbase’s identity verification flow requires end users to take a video selfie challenge following specific instructions. The facial information is matched against an end user’s ID document photo using machine learning. Taking biometric (facial) data from a video significantly reduces the chances of fraud with stolen or modified images because end users need to complete an action in real-time.

Liveness checks increases security for your business, whether performing KYC checks for AML regulatory compliance or biometric authentication for a return customer, by ensuring that there is a real person in front of the device and that the person is who they claim to be.

Passbase’s new liveness detection engine is primed for additional challenges, accessibility, and customization features. We are excited to cover more use-cases with device-specific challenges, behavior challenges and support for more gestures. This feature is available to all Passbase clients.

Get started

Liveness detection capability is built into all Passbase identity verifications for end users being onboarded or return users using biometric authentication. The instructions for video selfies that end users take is available in over 14 languages and is automatically displayed based the end user’s device language preferences.

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