Introducing reusable documents

Accelerate identity verifications with reusable documents for end users

We are excited to announce that Passbase now allows end users to reuse documents to accelerate the identity verification process. Companies using Passbase can now offer end users the option to share previously submitted identity documents, such as their driver’s license, passport, or CDC Covid-19 vaccination card for their verification process.

Inconvenience lowers customer conversion, satisfaction, and retention. In contrast, by allowing your end users to securely verify their identity again within seconds by taking a video selfie and sharing previously submitted documents builds customer trust. Documents submitted by end users are known as identity resources in the Passbase dashboard. Passbase customers on a Growth Plan or above can make full use of this feature when managing multiple projects.

A mobile phone screen showing a user's available identity documents that they can resubmit for Passbase's identity verification

Leverage Passbase’s underlying identity network for smoother customer experiences

As of April 19, 2021, new Passbase end users, your customers, will have the option to share with you their previously submitted identity documents (known as identity resources in the Passbase dashboard). An end user who has performed a successful identity verification with Passbase before will have a root identity created and documents they submitted will be attached to this identity. Allowing end users to re-use their previously submitted documents will drastically shorten their future verification processes and save up to 75% of the usual verification time, creating a faster and smoother customer experience.

Companies operating in FinTech and the gig economy stand to benefit most from this feature, where customer segments and user groups have significant overlap. Imagine that your end user is signing up for a different service on your platform where they will need to perform identity verification again and submit ID documents for security purposes, such as a driving license. In addition to saving your end users hassle, you are building trust with them by requesting their explicit permission to share documents with you.

Perform KYC checks secured by Passbase’s biometric authentication

To increase your confidence in the documents that are being reused for KYC checks, Passbase’s system for re-using identity resources is secured through biometric authentication. Each root identity in the Passbase ecosystem has a person’s biometrics attached to it. Passbase uses face matching from a user’s video selfie to recognize previous identity holders and allow them to share their identity resources like passports, driver’s licenses, or national IDs. An end user will be able to select only the latest documents submitted that their current verification flow requires. If an end user has no applicable documents, the option will be automatically be skipped and they will be able to submit the necessary documents. If the user’s selected documents fulfil all your verification requirements, they can complete the verification. By having end users perform a video face scan first, your business reduces the risk of fraud as there is a simultaneous identity and liveness check before documents are submitted.

Allow identity resources to be re-used at the project level

You can allow end users to reuse documents (identity resources) on a project level. Passbase clients with a Growth plan and above can set up multiple projects on the Passbase dashboard. This means that you can set up multiple verification flows depending on your cases, such as for different services that may require additional documents. In order to maximize convenience for you and your end users, Passbase unifies an end user’s digital identity, so that a user who has performed an identity verification before can re-use their identity and identity resources for future verifications.

This feature is available for web SDK version 3.1.17 and above.

Passbase is working to build human ways of sharing digital identity that empowers teams to offer better user experiences while protecting their businesses and end users.

We value input from the Passbase community and partners to prioritize identity verification features that have an impact on businesses and organizations. You can always make a feature request here.

If you have any questions, get in touch!

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