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Our identity verification solution will enable the remote employment company to expand and verify users at scale.

Remote employment service Boundless and Passbase, the identity verification provider, today announced that they have partnered up to deliver a seamless and secure employment onboarding experience. The move allows more international skilled workers to join ambitious companies all around the world.


Based across Europe, Boundless ushers a new era of borderless employment services. The Irish-founded startup makes it easy for companies to grow their international remote team by being the “employer of record” for new team members on behalf of customers. This means Boundless is the legal employer of the individual, as far as their government, tax, and employment authorities are concerned and handle everything from contracts to payroll.

Passbase complements their offering with fast onboarding and secure identity verification of employees. Rather than scanning their paperwork and always having to take an up to date picture, applicants will be able to take a photo of their identity document and a short selfie video within the Boundless app, allowing them to be verified in a matter of seconds. The process removes arduous wait times for employees, without exposing the customer to any additional risk.

An estimated 58% of knowledge workers now operate remotely, with these numbers set to rise due to changing perceptions as a result of Covid-19. By operating legal entities around the world, Boundless makes sure that its customers are not in breach of employment laws when hiring full time workers.

“Working with Passbase means we can offer a trustworthy experience to our customers and their employees” said Emily Castles, CTO and co-founder of Boundless. “There is an increasing global trend towards remote working, one which has been accelerated as a result of Covid-19, and we believe this is the new norm”.

Mathias Klenk, CEO and Co-founder of Passbase, said, “our mission at Passbase is to build the trust layer of the internet”. “This is why we are particularly excited to be partnering with Boundless and helping them create a new standard of transparency and trust for remote employee onboarding”.

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