Reauthentication - the future of digital user identification

Reauthentication from Passbase helps verify returning users faster and speed up account recovery, age verification and more

The common UX wisdom is that the more steps there are in your authentication process, the more time-consuming (and inconvenient) it is for your users. When few other apps and services do repeated user identification for logins, why would someone want to go through the hassle with yours? We thought about that long and hard and are excited to unveil our solution to this problem: biometric authentication - so that end users can easily verify or authenticate their identity and login or perform transactions. What about reauthentication?


What is Reauthentication?

Actually, reauthentication is just authentication: a feature that enables end-users to re-use their Passbase identity when the resources they have fits the project they’re verifying for. Passbase Authentication is our answer to combining secure and trusted product access with a seamless user experience for returning users. Upon coming back to the service (to complete a purchase or ahead of any other step that requires authentication), users will only have to take a quick selfie for biometric authentication before they can gain access to their account.

We know that scalable products are all about an intuitive user experience and that’s why we’ve developed reauthentication. Once an individual has run through a more thorough identity verification process (during their initial sign up or first transaction), their document and biometric information is securely stored and then accessed again as requested.

Doing away with passwords, we believe is the next frontier of user friendly reauthentication that will dramatically shorten the time it takes to access a product.

Where can it be leveraged?

Used as an enhanced layer of security, Passbase Authentication services multiple use cases across a variety of industries. Whether you operate in healthtech, FinTech, online gambling or gig economy, here are some ways the tool can help you effectively combat common pain points:

1. Age verification

For companies operating in age-restricted industries, such as online gambling, alcohol or cannabis, age verification is required for a direct to consumer interface. However, many businesses in the aforementioned sectors fail to implement robust age verification checks at any point in the journey and opt for a check mark instead.

Although this might be good from a user experience standpoint, it is definitely not reliable in terms of safety. Regulatory bodies have begun actively targeting such industries, illustrated for example by online gambling in the United Kingdom. With stringent laws around age-restricted products, companies are increasingly turning towards more advanced age verification tools.

With Passbase, age verification is made fast and simple. Using facial recognition, liveness detection and ID-authenticity controls, we are able to confirm the age of an individual in a matter of seconds. Moreover, we can even pass through just a binary signal whether this person is over the age limit or not, so you won’t have to worry about hypersensitive information.

The process is even easier for returning customers, as reauthentication enables companies to remain confident in the identity of their users with a simple selfie video.

2. User authentication

Companies leverage various user authentication methods depending on the sensitivity of their business. These range from simple knowledge based authentication and passwords to heavier versions of user identity verification.

The concept of biometric reauthentication enables companies to get the best of both worlds - seamless interaction with the end user, while maintaining a high degree of security. Reauthentication is invaluable in cases with a high risk of accounts being exchanged or sold, as it allows businesses to make sure the same person is still in control of the account at random intervals.

Use cases such as driver onboarding for mobility companies, remote examinations at universities or registration for E-sports competitions are just a few examples which can benefit from the feature.

3. Securing high-value transactions

According to Juniper Research, online payment fraud in Europe is expected to increase nearly 50% by 2024, making proper authentication of an individual absolutely critical for financial services.

Our seamless reauthentication process helps companies in the space to maintain trust with their customers on a continuous basis. By setting up reauthentication triggers based on suspicious behaviour patterns or transaction size, you can make sure no money falls into the hands of fraudsters.

4. Account, password and device recovery

Recovering access after forgetting your password can be a time and cost consuming process and often even leads to customer churn. Furthermore, the process is also under a particular spotlight as a high-risk area for cyberattacks.

With reauthentication, users can leverage data already available in the system and are able to access their account simply by taking a quick selfie video. This means that no matter if your customers change their device or forget their password, they can have peace of mind that access to the platform remains.

Reauthentication is an extremely dynamic tool that can help businesses across various industries. If you feel that this is a feature that could help you solve everyday challenges, email or schedule a chat with our team and we can help you get started in no time.

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