Webinar: How to Get Ahead of Crypto Regulation

Crypto industry leaders from Zebedee, Donut and Cowboy Ventures discuss KYC and building compliance programs as part of regulatory strategy

As part of our webinar series, Passbase brings together professionals applying digital identity in their respective industries. Rewatch the latest webinar where leaders from Zebedee, Donut, and Cowboy Ventures share their experience and perspectives on how crypto companies can prepare now to reduce future regulatory burden.


  • James Park, CAMS, CFE, CFCS, Chief Compliance Officer at Zebedee
  • Neel Popat, Founder & CEO of Donut
  • Moderator: Jillian Williams, Principal at Cowboy Ventures

Discussion Topics:

1:54 - Introductions

3:23 - Overview of new crypto regulations

10:05 - How are Zebedee and Donut thinking about what’s to come within this regulatory space?

13:28 - Simplifying complexity and educating the customer for crypto markets and compliance

15:14 - How do compliance programs balance a smooth identity verification experience and pass CDD? What addresses current regulations versus anticipated future requirements?

18:41 - What’s top of mind when it comes to regulation? What are the benefits versus points of friction you see for both businesses and customer experience?

21:13 - Are there regulations from traditional finance that may be more challenging for the crypto industry to adopt? What are the implications?

23:26 - What are the educational hurdles and how do you navigate a changing regulatory landscape?

27:38 - How do you best stay ahead or make sure you’re tracking the newest regulations that are coming?

29:46 - How do you deal with billing across borders and dealing with some of the different regulatory bodies?

34:57 - Advice or tips for cryptocurrency companies on how they should think about getting compliant

38:38 - What should companies at the intersection of crypto, DeFi, and traditional finance watch out for, especially from a regulatory perspective?

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