Las Vegas PRIDE teams up with Passbase for seamless identity verification

Teaming up to help those who help others, Passbase is thrilled to help the non profit digitize faster and in a more secure way by using the company’s no code identity verification solution

Posted by Passbase

PRIDE x Passbase

Starting from today Las Vegas PRIDE, Nevada's largest LGBTQ+ non-profit organization and host of the annual Las Vegas PRIDE LGBTQ+ Parade, and Passbase, the identity verification service, will begin working together to help the non profit provide more safety for its community members.

Seeking to digitize its services in light of social distancing and the transition of its activities online, Las Vegas PRIDE, founded in 1983 and also known as the Southern Nevada Association of PRIDE, Inc. (SNAPI), has chosen Passbase for this mission.

With its zero knowledge architecture, the company will help the non profit ensure the safety of its community that participates in age restricted events while maintaining the participants’ privacy. The company’s no code solution helps SNAPI integrate its suite of age verification and ID proofing services in just a few minutes.

“We decided to go with Passbase for two reasons - because it’s easy to integrate and it allows us to avoid storing personal information” - said Steven Othar, adult programming coordinator at Las Vegas PRIDE. “We don’t need to store it, we just need to make sure that someone is over 18”.

“We might have been able to use another company, but we never would have gotten that technology up and running because doing that involves employing specialized help. After discovering Passbase our tech guru (Julia at JIV Studio) asked us to use it noting that it would be the easiest solution to get up and running with”.

Mathias Klenk, CEO and co-founder of Passbase, said “we’re building the infrastructure of trust and are thrilled to be helping PRIDE.” "Our mission is to build the trust layer of the internet which transcends to the physical world as well”.

“We want to contribute to making societies more inclusive and diverse and we’re humbled to know that with Passbase, PRIDE will be able to maintain and grow their community while undergoing digital transformation.”

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