Looking for a Jumio Alternative?

Passbase is an easy to integrate Jumio alternative with flexible pay as you go pricing. Find out how we help modern businesses with identity verification.

Posted by Mathias Klenk

Need to identify users online and are looking for alternatives to Jumio? If so, you're probably trying to figure out whether Passbase could be a viable option, so we wanted to make that process a bit easier. Below you'll find a comprehensive analysis of features that we bring to the table if you’re looking for a user verification alternative.

Why choose Passbase

Flexible - Pay as You Go - Pricing

Our pricing is built with a pay as you go structure so you can run and scale your operations without having to worry about a long term commitment.

Up and running with just 10 lines of code

Passbase was built to support every product stack. Our SDKs and API help you integrate secure user identification into your web and mobile applications with almost zero effort.

Smoother compliance with user owned identity profiles

With Passbase, you don’t have to store user information. Our architecture enables end users to exercise control over what data to share and whom to share it.

A support team that's always by your side

We cherish our customers and our team is there every step of the way. You can reach us on our developer support Slack 24/7or read our documentation and help centre.


Not just user verification

We’re committed to building the best identity verification solution out there. Our product combines NIST-certified facial recognition technology , liveness detection and ID authenticity checks.

We support over 6,000 government-issued IDs so you can accept users from 190+ countries in languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian and more. However, Passbase is not just for onboarding. Our unique re-authentication feature helps businesses continuously monitor their customer base with a seamless biometric scan, making sure to eliminate the option for account exchange.

In case your company operates in a sector, where visibility over the individual’s background is crucial, we can also support you with PEP & Sanction List Checks, as well as Anti-Money Laundering controls.

As an agile company, we’re constantly adding new languages and features. Most recently, we launched a watermarking feature, which enables traceability and increases the platform’s security immensely.

While we remain industry agnostic, some of the bigger use cases for supporting a stronger identity verification solution include Telemedicine, gig & sharing economy, financial services, and online gaming among others.

"By integrating Passbase we increased user trust dramatically and booking on the platform went up. Because all talent are verified, users have the confidence to book more often."

Anjan Luthra - CEO, GigZoo

Pay as You Go Pricing

Passbase was built to support companies of all sizes. You can get started with a free 30-day trial, during which your first 50 verifications are on us. Afterwards, you can choose one of our transparent billing plans, which work as a combination of a monthly subscription fee and a per verification charge.

"As a health and digital product trust in our service is a must have. Integrating Passbase helped us speed up onboarding and scale effortlessly in times of increased demand … to maintain and live up to our trust."

Katharina Jünger - CEO, TeleClinic

In case your volume falls above these categories, feel free to contact us for a custom price plan.

Easy integration - just 10 lines of code

We’re a developer first company. This means that for every engineering requirement you may have, you’ll find a matching solution at Passbase.Our iOS SDK is in Swift and Android in Kotlin, so you are able to natively integrate them into your existing stack.

Our documentation is constantly updated and you can monitor e new releases and bug fixes on a bi-weekly basis here.

Whether you’re looking to integrate identity verification into your mobile or web application, you’ll find that getting started with Passbase requires less than 30 minutes. Don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself!


Maximum compliance with user owned identity profiles

Integrating Passbase can help you fulfill compliance requirements, without having to take on additional legal burden. Our solution rests on zero knowledge architecture. This means that you don’t have to store the information on your side. What’s better is that they are in full control of how they share their data.

A support team that's always by your side

We host a dedicated Slack channel where everyone from Passbase including the founders and the engineering team are there to answer your questions. We’re also constantly growing our team in multiple time zones to continue providing world class experience.

One last thing you should know about

We are a growing and committed team. Our vision is to build a new standard of identity verification and we’re strong believers that the future of the internet is built on secure and privacy abiding technologies that balance user experience, reliability and trust.

If you also care about these things, get in touch today and schedule your Passbase demo.

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