Introducing Passbase Identity Auditor

Secure your business with contextual identity data

How information is shown and organized can change the decisions you make. For that reason, we are giving you enriched identity profiles that lays out relevant information for your teams to reduce fraud and support customer success. The new Passbase Identity Auditor is available to all companies using Passbase.

Inform your teams with Identity Auditor’s enriched data


When you click into one of your end user’s profiles and select Use new identity view you will see an enriched profile overview. This identity view has sections that help your teams find the information they need. Below are some of the sections that an identity profile will have:

Risk analysis

The top of profile will include a calculated confidence score based on a user’s identity verification checks passed.

Action banner

An action banner will show an identity’s approval status as well as flags or notes left by team members. For the identity verification of a new end user, a reviewer can approve or decline the identity profile. For an existing end user, there will be a record of when an identity was approved, by whom, with the option to change the status.


Flagged profiles will have a red flag displayed in the action banner. You can flag an a profile to quickly mark common issues, such as missing or expired documents, duplicate entries, or fraud alerts. Future team members who see the flag can also see when and whom created the flag.


You can also leave notes for other team members to give context or facilitate cross-team collaboration and case management hand-offs.


A section will show an overview of all identity, compliance, and security checks performed, such as document submission, liveness test, and AML checks (optional). You can also send a new verification request to your end user. Scores may be flagged as clean, inactive, yellow for issues and red for warnings.

Identity timeline

A timeline of your end user will show all the activities performed since the first verification. This can help you monitor activity to spot suspicious behavior or get context to provide customer support.

Location information

As location is one of the first warning signs of suspicious activity, we have included meta data and a map view based on a device’s IP to help your team to detect, flag, and prevent fraud.

Documents submitted

A section provides you with a record of the ID document submitted by your end user. This includes one or more official ID documents, such as a passport. Depending on your verification flow, there may be additional documents such as an insurance card or CDC vaccination card included.

AML checks and watchlists (optional)

A dedicated display will appear for companies that have added AML checks. Checks can include adverse media, sanction list, warnings, fitness probity, and PEP categorization. You can also rerun AML checks as needed. AML checks and ongoing monitoring can be activated from the Passbase Dashboard or via the Passbase API endpoint for customized logic and case handling.

API, event, and webhook logs

Get an overview of events happening at the code level to spot errors, even if you are not an engineer.

Take data-driven action


The Identity Auditor is meant to help you and your team take immediate, informed actions. Based on the assessments you make for an individual’s documents and other contextual data, you can flag items and trigger new checks. You can also use enhanced features to inspect materials for case management. Actions that you can perform include:

  • Approve or update an identity verification: Approve new identities after assessing each case, whether it is specific documents or security checks.
  • Inspect videos in-depth: Zoom-in, zoom-out, rotate and stop selfie videos to detect fraud.
  • Check documents: Double check for document authenticity and have documents on hand when handling customer cases
  • Activate and trigger new checks: Immediately request a document update or new check by clicking on action buttons inside information modules
  • Flag cases: Efficiently manage cases by flagging identities with common issues, such as incorrect or missing documents, and more.
  • Leave notes: Collaborate better in teams by leaving notes for case management, follow-up actions, and better customer service
  • Retrigger failed webhooks: Without relying on engineering, you can directly retrigger webhooks from the Passbase dashboard.

How to get started

The Passbase Identity Auditor will be introduced to all companies using Passbase. If you do not see these features currently, you can head to one of your end user’s identity profiles and toggle the Use new identity view in the table header.

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