Supporting health startups with ID verification during Covid

We’re offering priority integration support and no subscription fees for any health company.

In light of the escalation of the Coronavirus, telemedicine and remote work have become essential for the continuation of life as we know it. As a service provider, Passbase is seeing record demand and volumes for our identification engine and we want to make sure that we prioritise helping the community surpass this crisis. This is why we will fast track and waive all subscription fees for companies helping individuals get access to virtual healthcare until the situation stabilises.

As more and more developments are being reported on Covid-19, we have experienced a rapid increase of website traffic.


Investigating the composition of this surge, we’ve uncovered that most of the uptick has been caused by an increased demand from digital health companies. Considering the rapid growth of diagnosed cases and the decision by the US congress to ease regulation previously restricting TeleMedicine services, this pattern is likely to continue.

Embracing remote diagnostics and receiving consultations virtually, including for non Corona related ailments, limits face to face interactions and prevents the risk of further spreading the virus. However, the convenience of a virtual consultation should not come at the expense of personal security. Risking patients’ sensitive information compromises the moral bond between individuals and businesses and could result in severe financial trouble.

Passbase helps businesses confirm the identity of their users with an easy-to-integrate identity toolkit. Our product combines facial recognition, liveness detection and ID authenticity checks into a seamless user authentication flow, making sure information remains in the correct hands.

For example, one of our earlier partners, Teleclinic, was among the first responders to address the virus in Germany, helping diagnose more than 1,200 employees of a German automotive OEM, after their company reported the first infection in the country (written in DE). Needless to say, we are really proud to be working with them.

Katharina, TeleClinic’s CEO, points out that “in the face of an epidemic, TeleMedicine provides a trustworthy solution that minimizes the risk of further infections”. "As a health and digital product trust in our service is a must have. The fact that an individual patient can talk to a medical professional and receive trusted information instantly is very important, especially in times like these. Integrating Passbase helped us speed up onboarding and scale effortlessly in times of increased demand like these to maintain and live up to this trust.”

How are we helping?

Although we do not have the skills to help individuals directly, we can at least support the platforms doing so. This is why we are waiving all subscription fees and giving priority integration support for all TeleMedicine companies until the situation normalises. Hopefully this small token will enable even more people to get access to quality healthcare while their sensitive information remains protected.

If you’re looking for a user identification solution, feel free to schedule a demo or send an email to and we’d be happy to help.

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