Introducing CDC Covid Vaccination Card Scans

A frictionless way to increase safety and assurance for in-person events through the Covid-19 pandemic

Digital credential solutions will become the norm as borders and businesses reopen. To help support businesses deliver safe and frictionless experiences for customers, we are excited to announce that Passbase now offers CDC Covid-19 vaccination card scans for proof of vaccination.

Proof of vaccinations is already being introduced across industries such as events, higher education and travel. US colleges are adopting vaccine mandates for September enrolment, cruise lines are requiring crew members 18 or older to be vaccinated, and the European Commission has announced that vaccinated Americans will be allowed back into Europe in the summer. Using a CDC vaccine card scan will be a safe, secure, and frictionless way for businesses operating in the US to win over and retain customers in this era of doing online business with offline components. Additional industries that can make the most of this feature include the gig economy, marketplaces, and online-to-offline (O2O) services by integrating a vaccination status check into their product without relying on different vaccination passes.

The CDC scan is available for all Growth Plan users on the Passbase dashboard and can be added to existing verification flows for web and mobile.

Give users a frictionless experience

Passbase dashboard for additional verification checks. Drag and drop left navigation with 3D Liveness Check, Identity Document Check, and Covid Vaccination Card Check selected. Additional options not selected include Additional ID check and address verification. Center of dashboard displays the Covid Vaccine Card scan screen that an end user would see.

With Passbase, you can allow end users to quickly scan their CDC vaccine card to provide assurance that they have been vaccinated to register for your services or attend in-person events.

The CDC scan is added through drag and drop to your verification flow in the Passbase dashboard. This scan is one of several verification check options in your customized verification flow.

Once activated, your end users will be asked to scan their CDC vaccine card, along with other required documents such as their National ID, driver’s license or passport, and complete their identity verification in less than a minute.

Adding this additional check is frictionless for both your team as well as your end users.

Put privacy first

A mobile screen that says "Prepare to scan front of CDC vaccination record card" with a blue button to continue on the bottom right.

When an end user takes a photo of their CDC vaccine card, Passbase will do a document check to see whether the individual’s name and date of birth match their submitted official ID documents. In addition, Passbase will scan the vaccination type and dates to verify that the information is complete. To streamline the information collected, available vaccinations are available in a drop-down menu:

  • Moderna
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • AstraZeneca
  • Novavax
  • Pfizer

Additionally, there is the option to add vaccination options to account for new vaccines.

As health information is sensitive, collecting the minimum amount of information necessary protects both your business and your end users. After matching the individual’s identity in the CDC vaccination card, Passbase will not do further medical database checks.

The goal is to help businesses attain a reasonable level of assurance that an individual has been fully vaccinated. Instances of forged documents are unlikely as an individual’s CDC vaccine card is matched to their true identity through their submitted official ID documents and video selfie.

Compound convenience with every reuse

Once an end user has submitted their CDC vaccine card, you can also give them the option to reuse their document for future verifications. For example, if you can provide customers that attend multiple events to share their CDC vaccine card with you again to accelerate event registration or in-person check-ins. Alternatively, you can allow users who have performed identity verification and submitted their vaccination card previously to use a quick selfie to log in again in the future with Passbase’s Biometric Authentication.

Get started

The CDC Covid-19 vaccination card scan is available to Passbase clients on the Growth Plan. This feature is visible on Passbase client dashboards. You can read our documentation to learn how to enable the scan.

This feature is available for SDK versions:

  • Mobile (iOS / Android): 2.2.0
  • React Native: 2.2.0
  • Flutter: 2.2.0
  • Web: 3.1.18

To find out more, you can also

Having a secure, privacy-focused and frictionless way for your end users to verify their identity and vaccination status will be key to driving growth through Covid-19 and a new era of digital services driven by customer experience.

We are excited to be offering a cross-platform solution that can help businesses across industries.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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