Introducing Advanced Customization

Create branded identity verification flows with logo, color, font, document selections and more

Modern businesses today should be given the tools to craft branded customer experiences. As identity verification continues to grow more mainstream for consumers, companies that can deliver an intuitive and seamless verification flow will convert and retain customers. To support forward-thinking businesses with attention to such details, Passbase released a suite of customization options for you to craft the look and feel of your identity verification flow.

Advanced customizations can be made from the Passbase dashboard, and on our developer SDKs, giving you the flexibility to create a great user experience whether you are in engineering or a team needing a no-code solution. These changes are reflected immediately, allowing your team to make quick setups and adjustments.

Companies on Passbase’s Growth Plan can edit the logo, brand color, accent color, animation color, hosted link address, and screen text in all of Passbase’s supported languages. You can also add additional document checks into your verification flow to increase assurance or gather the necessary documents for your industry.

Build a branded identity verification flow

The Passbase dashboard displaying the accent color adjustment screen for verification flows. The left displays the Accent Color editing option and a rainbow slider bar with red, yellow, orange, green, turquoise, blue, magenta, and red visible. Below is a transparency slider. Below that there are fields for the hex color code, and fields for the R, G, B, A number. There is a "Go Back" text link above the title Animation Color on the top left to save changes and go back to other customization options. Dragging the color slider changes the color of the button, shown on the right side of the screen. The right displays the mobile screen preview for the updated color for the start button.

Your verification flow should feel like a natural extension of your product experience to your end users. Add branding and visual language to the verification flow to give your end users a seamless transition from your app into the Passbase identity verification flow.

Custom logo and label options

From the Passbase dashboard, you can upload your company logo at the top of the verification flow.

Companies on the Passbase Enterprise Plan can also remove the “secured by Passbase” text at the top of an end user’s verification flow. Selecting this option will also remove the Passbase label in the Verify button. You can how this looks in our developer docs.

Setting your brand colors

To build a cohesive experience, you can now incorporate your brand aesthetics in three key visual elements:

  • Accent color
  • Animation color
  • Button color

You can adjust the animation color by dragging our color scale. The accent and button colors can be adjusted with a Hex color code or RGBA color values. You can see the Passbase customization tool in action here.

Control your company voice with customized text

The Passbase dashboard displaying the text editing screen for verification flows. The left displays a dropdown language select showing English, with options such as German and Chinese. Below is a field for title text changes and subtitle text changes to update instructions on the verification flow start screen. The right displays the preview for the updated text on a mobile device. The mobile screen shows a language dropdown with English selected, human blocks as a GIF image, and the title text Start your verification and subtitle text. We'll guide you through a simple process to verify your identity. At the bottom left of the mobile screen is the start button.

Passbase also allows you to have full control of your brand voice by customizing both your choice of font and copywriting.

You can choose from Passbase’s available fonts or upload your own for titles, subtitles, and buttons. In addition, you can adjust your verification flow copy to guide your end users through the process with a consistent voice.

Best of all, you can customize copywriting for all of Passbase’s supported languages to give your global customers a localized experience. You can see how fonts are uploaded and copywriting can be adjusted for all of Passbase’s supported languages in the Custom Copy section of our developer docs.

If you are using the Passbase hosted verification, you can also choose your own link name.

Increase assurance by adding additional checks

The Passbase dashboard displaying the Additional Check drag and drop section for verification flows. The left has stacked cards for each additional check that you can add to the "Live Version" section at the top. The live version currently displays a 3D Liveness Check and Identity Document Check. The mouse drags the CDC Scan check from the "Drag and Drop above" section below to the Live Version above. Other drag and drop options include insurance card scans (global and US) and proof of address. The right displays the preview of the updated verification flow. The mobile screen moves from the "Prepare to scan your passport" screen to the "Prepare to scan front of CDC vaccination record card" screen. At the bottom right of the dashboard, a popup displays "Changes saved." At the top right of the screen above the "Additional Checks" title, there is a text link displaying "Go Back" to the other customization options.

You can now have up to three different official ID documents in your verification flow to increase assurance that your end user is who they say they are. This means that you can now have one of each of the below documents in your verification flow:

  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license

In addition to official ID documents, Passbase also has Insurance Card, Proof of Address, CDC Vaccination Card Scans.

Getting Started

Companies using the Growth Plan or above can see these customizations in the Passbase Dashboard. The white label feature is only available to Enterprise clients upon request. These features are available for:

  • Web SDK: 3.5.0
  • Mobile: 2.7.0

To get started, you can visit our developer docs.

If you have any questions, get in touch!

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