Product One place to manage all
your sensitive identity data

Passbase provides you all the tools to verify and onboard
new users faster and with bank-level confidence

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Age verification Solution is depicted by a mobile phone screen allowing and rejecting people based on their age.
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  • Liveness Detection

    Ensure that the person behind a transaction is a live person and not someone using a static picture.

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  • ID Authenticity

    With a database of over 6000 documents, we help you determine if a submitted ID is authentic and belongs to a user.

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  • AML Compliance

    Complete AML, PEPs and Adverse Media screening to enhance your compliance requirements.

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  • Age Verification

    The Passbase system provides an automation system to automatically let users pass or not by set rules

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Customization Design a verification
engine that fits your needs

Easily add or remove steps depending on your
industry and identity verification & KYC requirements

Multiple Documents
Address Verification
SMS Verification
Email Verification
Biometric Login
Multiple Documents
Phone Verification
KYC Compliance
AML Monitoring

Integrate seamless, bank-level identity verification into your
website, app, or checkout with just a few lines of code.


Watchlist KYC and AML
compliance in one place

Go beyond identity verification and fulfill the strictest
compliance requirements with our watchlist checks

  • Real Time Updates

    We constantly update information about the existing cases with new details, so you quickly receive compliance updates

  • 10,000+ data sources

    Our database is constantly updated to give you better insight into the risk profile of the information that you’re dealing with

  • Alert: 2 Financial Crime Entries found

    2 minutes ago
  • Alert: 1 appearance on PEP

    19 minutes ago
  • Blocked: 2 Financial Crime Entries found

    19 minutes ago
  • Blocked: 2 Financial Crime Entries found

    19 minutes ago
  • Blocked: 2 Financial Crime Entries found

    19 minutes ago

Sanction, PEP & Adverse Media monitoring

A syndicated approach to help you fulfill neccessary compliance requirements and increase trust on your platform

Sanction Check

With Passbase you get access to multiple sources including global watchlist coverage, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies around the world.

PEP Check

Companies in highly regulated areas will benefit from enhanced profiles and our growing database that will help you identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

Adverse Media

We check structured and unstructured news sources for any kind of unfavourable coverage and present the information to you in enriched live profiles.

"authentications": [
"key": "de4ca1c2-0s7e-4c25-b2dc-2b81e30503a8", "reviewed": "2020-05-24T15:06:20.112Z", "review_status": true, "created": "2020-05-10T16:30:15.342Z", "additional_attributes": {}, "authentication_assessments": {
"facematch": {
"value": "0.88
}, "id_authenticity": { "value": "0.9" }, "liveness": { "value": "0.43" }, "overall": { "value": "0.65" }
}, authentication_document": "DRIVERS_LICENSE", "additional_document": null, "documents": [ { "document_type": "DRIVERS_LICENSE", "document_information": [ {}
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Simple API structure
with great documentation

Our documentation was written for developers to help them implement identity verification as easily as possible. In addition, we offer integrations for web (Javascript), iOS (Swift) and Android (Java & Kotlin).

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Webhooks allow instant data sync for new events in milliseconds

Comprehensive data

Receive the data you need about the verifications including the assessment metrics and details.

Continuous updates

Stay up-to-date by receiving notifications via a webhook whenever there is a new activity associated with your integration.

On-demand API

Don’t worry about storing personal information and deliver a seamless experience by retrieving the data only when you need it.

Integrations Built to complement
your technical stack

Natively integrate identity verification into your solution
on web, mobile or in your checkout flow.

Use CasesSolving identity
verification together

Our secure and easy to use platform powers innovators across different industries from all corners of the world

German Flag

TeleClinic offers 24/7 tele-visits with practitioners of more than 30 different specialties. The company also has relationships with 7,000 pharmacies, and access to roughly half of Germany’s privately insured individuals.


The TeleMedicine company uses Passbase to enhance its user boarding experience. In addition, we support the company with bespoke information extraction from national insurance cards.


“Passbase helped us speed up onboarding and scale effortlessly in times of increased demand (...) to maintain and live up to [user] trust” - Katharina Jünger, CEO

Teleclinic's Passbase Integration
US Flag

Linus is developing a digital-first cash deposit account that delivers inflation-beating yields within a friendly, easy-to-use platform.


Trust is essential for financial services and the FinTech company uses identity verification to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations.


“Passbase has significantly reduced the time and cost of our manual review process as we grow our user base” - Matthew Hamilton, COO

Linus' Passbase Integration
British Flag

GigZoo is an online platform that solves a host of issues in the talent booking space. Users can quickly source talent online by selecting the place, time and budget.


GigZoo partnered with Passbase to verify the identity of all their talents to ensure that they users are genuine, trusted and also have a working permit.


“By integrating Passbase we increased user trust dramatically and booking on the platform went up. Because all talent are verified users have the confidence to book more often” - Anjan Luthra, CEO

GIGZOO's Passbase Integration
Argentine Flag

MyKeego is the first car-sharing platform in Argentina. It was founded to solve the mobility issues of large cities and supplements this mission with a 100% digital experience.


As a pioneering service, it relies on digitial verification of users’ identities to instil trust in the service.


By using Passbase, MyKeego is able to provide a secure and complete digital onboarding experience via its mobile apps.

GIGZOO's Passbase Integration
Irish Flag

As a remote employment company that operates in multiple countries around the world, Boundless makes it easy for companies to grow their remote team.


Boundless partnered with Passbase to bring trust to the growing remote employment sector by verifying the identity of new employees.


“Working with Passbase means we can offer a trustworthy experience to our customers and their employees” - Emily Castles, CTO

GIGZOO's Passbase Integration

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